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Reporting issues of concern

NEW – Advice on the use of drones
This is a work in progress but has been been produced by Peterborough City Council in anticipation of a possible increase in numbers of drones after Christmas.  It is intended to help users avoid any potentially dangerous situation.
Drone 2 advice December 2017 (1)

If you spot something around the village that is not quite right, such as flytipping, a broken light….

Please contact the Peterborough City Council on tel 01733 747474.

Or alternatively download (from Apple or Google Play) and use the My Peterborough App for reporting issues of concern such as flytipping, anti-social behaviour, graffiti, noise, damage to play areas, litter/street cleaning, rubbish build up, potholes.

For suspicious activity, please report using the non-emergency police telephone number 101, or where appropriate dial the police emergency number 999.

You can also sign up to the ecops service.  Details are below…

ECops – the email messaging system is brought to you by Cambridgeshire Constabulary, and powered by Neighbourhood Alert. By registering with eCops, you receive news and appeals, local crime information and crime prevention advice – direct to you as an e-mail. The service is completely free and works alongside Neighbourhood Watch, to bring you messages about your local area.  It also allows you to feedback information to your local policing team, to help them police your neighbourhood effectively. Messages can include crime prevention advice, details of incidents and appeals for your help in reducing crime in the county.  So why not sign up to eCops for direct and easy access to your local policing team at a time convenient to you?

Just go to www.ecops.org.uk and register.

Could you be a Speedwatch Volunteer?
Last year, the Cambs Constabulary’s speedwatch volunteers checked more than 150,000 vehicles and sent out 13,000 letters to speeding drivers asking them to consider their attitude to speeding through villages.
Would you like to get involved?  Volunteers must be 18 or over and full training will be given.
To find out more about becoming a speedwatch volunteer, email speedwatch@cambs.pnn.police.uk


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