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Parish Land and Allotments

The Parish Council has a Parish Land Management Group.  The terms of reference are below;

Terms of Reference PLMG March 2023

There is also a Nature Recovery Group looking at rewilding and other projects in the Recreation Ground to protect and enhance wildlife and habitats for species now and in the future.  Terms of reference are below;

TOR for NRP WG May 2022

The Recreation Ground, Station Road, Ailsworth

The Ailsworth Recreation Ground is land owned and managed by the Parish Council, a dedicated Queen Elizabeth 11 Fields in Trust site, open for the use and enjoyment of the public.  The Parish Council asks that you respect other visitors and their right to enjoy the space too.

The area is inspected regularly but if you spot any damage or hazards, please report them to the Clerk.  You should make sure the ground and its facilities are safe and suitable for any activity you do there as they are carried out at your own risk.  We ask;

  • please put litter and dog poo bags in the bins provided
  • no bbqs, open fires or fireworks, please
  • please no motorised vehicles, please
  • respect the facilities and do not damage them, please

If you are thinking of doing an activity that will affect others’ use of the area, please apply to the Council via the Clerk for permission. Also, please ensure you leave space for everyone by using a section away from the main area if possible.  Thank you!

The Parish Council also owns land as follows;

  • Station Road Field Allotment, 3 year rental agreement in place.
  • New Close field allotment, 3 year rental agreement in place *
  • “Donkey Paddock” in Main St, 3 year rental agreement in place.
  • Village green – land lying to the east of Main St, open, green space.

As the rental agreements come up for renewal, a tenancy notice is displayed on the notice board and website and requests for rental sealed bids made.  A decision is made at the next relevant Parish Council meeting.

  • Garden allotments in Station Road. There are approximately 25 allotments of varying sizes with annual rental costs of between £10 and £30.

Agreements are renewed every September.

A waiting list is in operation.  If you are interested in renting an allotment, please use the contact page on the website, or ring the Clerk – telephone number on the Councillors page.

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