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Parish Land and Allotments

The Parish Council owns land as follows;

  • Station Road Field Allotment, 3 year rental agreement in place.
  • New Close field allotment, 3 year rental agreement in place *
  • “Donkey Paddock” in Main St, 3 year rental agreement in place.

As the rental agreements come up for renewal, a tenancy notice is displayed and requests for rental sealed bids made.  A decision is made at the relevant Parish Council meeting.

* The current rental agreement expires on 25th September 2015, and tenders are invited for this piece of land – approx. 3 acres including pathways – situated behind the garden allotments in Allotment Lane, Castor. Tenders are to be submitted by Friday 4th September, to be opened and decided upon at the PC meeting on 7th September.  Please submit in a sealed envelope marked tenders.  The Council are not obliged to accept the highest or lowest bid under the Standing Orders of this Parish Council.

  • Garden allotments in Station Road. There are approximately 25 allotments of varying sizes with annual rental costs of between £10 and £30. 

Agreements are renewed every September.

A waiting list is in operation.  If you are interested in renting an allotment, please use the contact page on the website, or ring the Clerk – telephone number on the Councillors page.

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