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Ailsworth Parish Council

Welcome to the Ailsworth Parish Council Website

Ailsworth Parish Council Village SignOur website serves the parish of Ailsworth and has two main aims. The first is to provide dates and times of upcoming meetings and other useful information and the second is to allow the Parish Council documents and financial information, we are required by law to publish, to be available for everyone to see.

Ailsworth is a small, limestone, conservation village of 250 properties – mainly houses, some of which are listed buildings, but we do also have a Methodist Chapel, a shop, a coffee house, a dentist, a Medical Centre and a photographic studio.  Care is taken to see that new buildings blend in with the existing ones, especially those in the conservation area, and enhance the beautiful environment.

Ailsworth parish post boxThe website is run by the Parish Council for residents of Ailsworth and aims to offer a useful information resource for all.  We hope you find the website easy to use and helps you to keep connected to the activities of your Parish Council.

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions about how we might improve the website. Contact details can be found here

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