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Neighbourhood Plan (plus PCC’s Local plan – see bottom of page)

The Parish Council is currently involved in preparing a Neighbourhood Plan.  The designated area has been agreed.  A separate group exists looking at all aspects of a plan, with 3 Parish Councillors from Ailsworth and Castor Parish Councils on the team.  All decisions are approved by the Parish Councils.

More information will be added to this page as the plan is developed.  Meanwhile, please use the contact page for any questions or feedback.

Update on project June 2016

Results of the 2nd survey can be found in this presentation file NHP Survey 2 Results Report Issued June 2016

Castor & Ailsworth Neighbourhood Plan – 2nd survey

Thank you to everyone who responded to the 2nd survey, which was distributed to every household in late February. The survey asked for your opinions on the draft Vision & Objectives and 5 further questions around the main subject areas of the plan.

Again we got a great response with over 200 questionnaires being completed and returned, a 31% response rate.

It seems we are on the right track, as there was overwhelming support for the draft Vision & Objectives for our community. 2/3rds of all respondents (66%) ‘Strongly agreed’ with a further 28% agreeing and less than 2% against our vision for the next 20 years

Results were reviewed and discussed at a meeting of the 2 Parish councils + Neighbourhood Plan team on 6th June, with details now published on both Parish council websites – summary:

  • 50 homes or less developed over 20 years within the village area
  • Keep the village envelope very tight and homes/street scenes ‘in character’
  • Visitors encouraged by cycle, NVR and foot, but NOT by car.
  • Encourage small businesses & employers but with off road parking
  • More specifics over mix of housing, including ‘birth tie’ feasibility and supported living for frail elderly
  • Nothing to impinge on green space within the village
  • Encourage more wildlife/natural habitat within the village

The Neighbourhood Plan team of volunteers are now using the results and the many comments (1/4 of all respondents made additional comments to each question), to refine the next draft of a Neighbourhood Plan for each Parish, available in the summer.

There will also be a display at the Village Festival and opportunity to talk with the many members of the Neighbourhood plan team, plus other ‘drop in’ events


The Neighbourhood plan project has a team of over 40 volunteers working on it and will culminate in a referendum in the autumn of 2016, where everyone on the electoral roll gets the chance to vote in favour or against the final Neighbourhood Plan and therefore whether we adopt it as a community or not.

The Neighbourhood Plan project is overseen by both parish councils and continues to be a monthly agenda item for information on progress and discussion throughout 2016.  

If you’d like to join the team, please contact John Hodder on (01733) 380447 or via e mail


Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group – June 2016



Update for websites April 2016

Castor & Ailsworth Neighbourhood Plans   

The talk on “Climate Change and how it might affect Castor Hanglands” given by the Chief Executive of the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire, arranged in association with Friends of Castor Hanglands and Ailsworth Heath (FOCHAH), was held in the Village Hall on 26th February and proved very enlightening.  It was supported by displays by Nene Coppicing, Frog Life and Natural England, with 85 people attending.

This was followed by the delivery of our second questionnaire to all premises in Castor & Ailsworth together with a booklet providing an overview of the draft Vision and Objectives.

The two drop-in events held on 12th and 19th March each received a steady stream of callers.  The talk on 23rd March “Beneath your feet – the history and archaeology of our parishes” by Dr Stephen Upex, MCIfA, FSA, arranged in association with St Kyneburgha Building Preservation Trust, was attended by 97 people.  It provided a fascinating insight to the wealth of archaeological evidence of the past history of our two parishes. 

All of these events provided opportunities for parishioners to meet with members of the Neighbourhood Plan Group, and to have a say in the shaping our two village Neighbourhood Plans.

Some 208 questionnaires have been returned – a response rate of 31% – which although lower than last time is still relatively high for consumer surveys in general.  Once again a huge thank you to everyone who took part.

The survey results will be analysed, reported on both Parish council websites and considered as the drafting of our two Neighbourhood Plans goes forward.  There will be further events during the coming months leading to the creation of the Plans.

Thank you again to everyone who took part; we will continue to keep you posted.


Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee


Two parishes – One community

Vision and Objectives

For a summary of survey results click NP Survey results – communication leaflet FINAL
For detailed survey comments click Qualitative comments from returned questionnaires
For more survey analysis HDM 8pp Questionnaire Database Analysis 19.10.15
For vision, objectives and strategy click vision, objectives and strategy

Two Parishes – One Community

Since the return of household questionnaires in October, our Neighbourhood Plan (NP) Steering Committee, supported by a growing group of village volunteers who form the NP Content Group, has been looking at what residents said about the future of our two parishes.   With such a positive return rate (43%) analyses of the results indicated a strong sense of community, and ongoing consultation with village groups, local businesses and other stakeholders has further informed work on drafting the vision and objectives for our two NPs. 

Ailsworth & Castor Parish Councils will each own their respective NPs and have formally considered initial proposals for the NP vision and objectives at their February meetings.  The aim is to produce draft vision and objectives for consultation with residents in March, with a second questionnaire seeking residents’ confirmation that we have identified the priorities to feed into the next stage – the drafting of the two separate but complementary NPs.

Once again, thank you again to everyone who took part in the consultations so far; it is equally important for everyone to respond to the second questionnaire when its distributed.

Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey, a whopping 43% of you!

The results were reviewed and discussed at a joint meeting of the 2 Parish councils in January and you can click above for a summary report of the findings.

You can also see the detailed survey results above, which are set out both overall and for each Parish.

As well as the results it also includes the many written comments that people made. The vast majority of comments were “Keep as a village not a town”. Ailsworth and Castor were as one!

The Neighbourhood Plan team of volunteers are now using the results to write an initial draft Plan and help ask the right questions in the next stage of the consultation.

Peterborough City Council’s draft Local Plan – a separate document from OUR Neighbourhood plan – and needs a separate response as detailed below….
Consultation period runs from 16/12/16 to 9/2/17

Please see information on how to respond to this plan – includes the proposal for 2500 new homes north of the bypass.






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