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Census 2021 – everyone should complete the Census!

Census 2021 will be taking place March 21. It will be essential in our long term understanding of the health, social and economic impacts on the people of England and Wales as a result of the #COVID19 pandemic.
Information from the 2011 census has already been crucial in our understanding of mortality for different ethnic groups during the pandemic.
Data from Census 2021 will enable us to update the analysis we have already done. It will also provide a fresh picture of social and economic changes to our lives. This information will inform decisions on public services, including hospitals and schools for years to come.
Our main focus in planning and delivering the census at this time is the health and safety of the public and our staff and we are ensuring that everyone can be safely counted.
We have designed Census 2021 to be simple and safe to complete. We will be encouraging people to complete online. There will be extensive online support available plus help offered via email, social media and text message. People can also complete their census over the phone, with the help of trained staff, or by using the traditional paper form.
The main census field operation will begin only after Census Day, March 21. Our field staff will never need to enter people’s homes; they will be social distanced, wear PPE and work in line with all government guidance.
The role of field officers is to give help and encouragement to those who have not yet filled in their census questionnaire online or on paper after Census Day. They will operate in the same way as a postal or food delivery service.
For more information about the census during the coronavirus pandemic visit: https://census.gov.uk/…/the-census-during-the…/
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